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Dr Rodney Marsh


Consultant Psychiatrist

Provider Number: 207601AL

Rodney Marsh.jpg

Dr Marsh obtained his medical degree from the University of Queensland in 1992. He completed training in Psychiatry and Old Age Psychiatry in 2000 and 2002 respectively. He is a member of the Section of Neuropsychiatry RANZCP, Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry RANZCP, Section of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry RANZCP, and Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age RANZCP.


Dr Marsh specialises in dementias and non-motor aspects of movement disorders, particularly Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease. He has had a specific interest in neurosurgery for Parkinson’s disease and has been involved in both research and the clinical care of over 400 patients in this pioneering field. He is currently involved in planning for the implementation of Deep Brain Stimulation for use in treatment-resistant psychiatric disorders at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital and UQCCR.


He is a committee member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists’ local neuropsychiatry section. As part of his role, he has organised medical education programs for Queensland psychiatrists. He regularly provides lectures on neuropsychiatry topics to medical students, psychiatry trainees, and neurologists.

Dr Marsh also consults at St Vincent's Hospital (ph: 3240 1387), at the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital (ph: 3646 2505), and at the Wesley Hospital (ph: 3232 7200). 


He consults at Neurosciences Queensland approximately once a month.  

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