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Personalised TMS at
Queensland Neurostimulation Centre

Queensland Neurostimulation Centre provides Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for treatment-resistant depression and OCD.


TMS is a non-invasive therapy for treatment-resistant depression and OCD that is an alternative to ECT or trialling more medications. At our centre, we provide a personalised TMS for each patient where the chance of a desired outcome is enhanced through the use of a precise and accurate neuro-navigation system. It allows us to locate a specific target for each patient and to stimulate that chosen target during the treatment.   


Queensland Neurostimulation Centre has a team of passionate neuroscience researchers and experienced mental health clinicians, collaborating to combine innovative research with personalised mental health treatments to deliver precision medicine.


Clinical Director
Dr Bjorn Burgher


Scientific Director
A/Prof. Luca Cocchi


Clinical Associate
Dr Phil Mosley

TMS Technicians 

Simon Issa

To learn more about our TMS offering, please visit our website or contact the practice.


Feel free to refer patients to us using our TMS referral templates provided.



Referrals must be sent via the following:

Fax 07 3839 3588 

OR Medical Objects to
Dr Bjorn Burgher 296763HW

*Please note that referrals must be triaged by

Dr Bjorn Burgher before we can organise the first consultation. 

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